• Thieves are targeting charging stations in the NDMC area.
  • Valuables planted at the electric charging station were stolen from two places
  • Thieves are stealing a charging gun and a cable attached to it, an FIR has been registered

New Delhi: To promote the use of electric vehicles in Delhi, small and large charging stations are being set up in all public places so that people can go there and easily charge their electric cars, bikes or scooters. This is because these stations are built on open spaces near roads and parking lots and most places do not have any kind of security system. In such a situation, the eyes of thieves are now on them. Every day in the New Delhi area, valuables installed in electric charging stations are being stolen. This has raised concerns among company officials responsible for designing and maintaining the charging infrastructure.

According to sources, valuables were stolen from two electric charging stations in New Delhi last week. An official of the company Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has lodged an FIR in the Parliament Road police station in this regard, but the police have not yet received any clues about the thieves. Thieves mainly steal charging guns and accompanying cables, which are attached to the vehicle’s charging point to charge the battery. According to Hemant Sharma, who is in charge of infrastructure maintenance at the company, good quality copper is used in charging guns and their cables. Apart from this it also has strong rubber and plastic. The cost of this gun attached to the charging machine ranges from 40 to 50 thousand rupees.

One of the two charging stations where the theft took place last week is outside the Standard Chartered Bank at Patel Bhavan on Parliament Street and the other is near Akashwani Bhavan. The two thefts, which took place near the Parliament Road police station and the DCP office in New Delhi district, have raised questions about the security of the infrastructure now being set up for charging electric vehicles. Sources said earlier items similar to the electric charging station were stolen from several other places in the New Delhi area, including Connaught Place and Rafi Marg. Police have since arrested one of the accused following an investigation, but the ongoing incidents have raised concerns among company officials preparing and maintaining the charging infrastructure and security arrangements at these stations are now being considered. Under this, installation of CCTV cameras at these stations and deployment of private security guards at major stations are also under consideration.

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