Ravi Sinha, Ranchi Lalu Yadav’s troubles began to escalate after he came across dozens of cases of fodder scam worth billions of rupees. Lalu Prasad had to surrender for the first time on July 30, 1997, just 5 days after he was removed from power and had to go to jail. Earlier, seeing the stubborn attitude of Lalu Prasad, the army had to seek help from the CBI.

However, under duress, Lalu Yadav surrendered in court on July 30, 1997 and the encounter was averted. Lalu Prasad was released from jail on December 11, 1997 after spending 134 days in jail for the first time in a fodder scam.

Lalu Prasad was not ready to surrender
Lalu Yadav resigned after a warrant was issued in the fodder scam, but was not ready to go to jail. At the same time, Bihar police were also avoiding attempts to arrest him. Meanwhile, the CBI’s immediate joint director UN Biswas also sought the help of the army to arrest Lalu Prasad. But immediate help was refused by the army.

Then Lalu Yadav went to jail like this
Meanwhile, on the night of July 29, 1997, the CM’s residence was cordoned off and a Rapid Action Force was deployed, but Lalu Prasad’s supporters were openly threatening violent protests. There was also talk of deploying troops to deal with the situation. Eventually Lalu Prasad had to bow down and the next morning on 30th July 1997 Lalu Prasad quietly surrendered in the CBI court and had to go to jail.

Sometimes Lalu had to go to jail

On July 30, 1997, Lalu Prasad spent 135 days in jail for the first time.
– On October 28, 1998, he spent 73 days in jail for the second time
, 5 April 2000 Third time 11 days in jail
– One day imprisonment on 28 November 2000 in disproportionate assets case
– October 3, 2013 70 days in jail after being convicted in another fodder scam case
On December 23, 2017, he was convicted in the third case in the fodder scam.
– On March 24, 2018, Dumka was convicted in the fourth case involving the treasury, after which Lalu was released from jail in April last year after almost three years.

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