Mumbai Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has once again targeted former BJP MP and senior leader Kirit Somaiya and his son Neil Somaiya. Raut tweeted that the sanitation of the jail barracks has started, both father and son will go to jail. Taunting Somaiya, he said that a person can file a petition in the Bombay High Court against the Marathi language in Mumbai. What do you expect from that person? The BJP should shut the mouths of those who oppose the Marathi language or we will fix them.

On Tuesday, Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut held a press conference at Shiv Sena Bhavan in Dadar and targeted the central government, Maharashtra BJP, Devendra Fadnavis and Kirit Somaiya. Meanwhile, he also accused Somaiya of molestation and corruption. Raut also targeted the ED. He said that recovery has been made in the name of ED from 70 builders in Mumbai.

Raut’s mark on Somaiya
Sanjay Raut said Somaiya was constantly alleging that the Thackeray family had built 19 bungalows in Alibag and that it was an anonymous property. I urge all media persons to come with me to Alibag. We would book four buses and get there and have a picnic at all 19 bungalows. If you see a bungalow there I will say goodbye to politics, but if that doesn’t happen then we will slap that broker.

Connection of Somaiya and Rakesh Wadhwan
Sanjay Raut said there was a deep connection between PMC bank scam accused Rakesh Wadhwan and BJP leader Kirit Somaiya. Raut said Rs 20 crore had been transferred from Rakesh Wadhwan’s bank account to the BJP’s account. He said that those who associate Rakesh Wadhavan with me, the people of ED should also listen to this. Raut also alleged that Rakesh Wadhwan is a partner of Kirit Somaiya’s son Nikon Infrastructure Company.

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