New Delhi: After about 23 days, now the driving license skill test (DL skill test in Delhi) has resumed, but these days the long list of applications is also a big challenge for the transport department. The department has taken an important decision considering the number of pending applications and currently the test for driving license will be conducted seven days a week. There was no test on Monday but now there will be a test on Monday too. This order has been issued by the department to the in-charge of all zonal offices. This decision has been taken with the aim of reducing the backlog. Cowid’s cases were on the rise in Delhi in early January and at that time the process of driving license skill test and learning license test was stopped on 5 January. The test process has resumed from Saturday.

If the load is less then you will get one day off
Joint Commissioner (Operations) of Transport Department Dr. According to Navlendra Kumar Singh, the decision to take the test seven days a week will apply for a while. When the backlog is low, a day off will be started. The department has taken this decision keeping in view the convenience of the people. There are already tests on Sunday. The department is also sending messages to people whose appointments were canceled due to Covid’s restrictions. The department says it is trying to give new dates to people whose appointments have been canceled as soon as possible.

At the same time, the driving license exam has started from Saturday. About 190 tests are taken in a day in the zonal office. On the first day after the removal of the Covid restrictions, 50 to 100 tests were conducted in the zonal offices. If 190 tests had been taken in one day in the zonal office, there would still be the same number of tests. The Delhi government has decided to extend the validity of learners’ licenses as well as heavy commercial (transport) vehicle driving licenses till March 31. All those learning licenses which are valid till 31st January 2022 will now be valid till 31st March.

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