A very interesting case of theft has come to light in Bihar. The incident took place at Lalit Narayan Mishra police station in Darbhanga. Where thieves are so sure that first they drink alcohol comfortably at the crime spot and then four trucks clean their hands on the goods. From this it can be inferred that the thieves were so precise and fearless that they planned to drink and drink comfortably before stealing. They broke the CCTV and took the goods.

Darbhanga: Thieves broke into a warehouse in Darbhanga, Bihar. The thieves first drank alcohol after entering the warehouse. After this the thieves took about 4 trucks of goods. The value of which is said to be approximately 2.5 crores. What is special is that the thieves were so clever that they even uprooted the CCTV and took it with them. She is being investigated after police received information. According to information received, goods worth Rs 2.5 crore were found in the warehouse of Laxmisagar Balaji Agency in Darbhanga, Bihar. The agency belonged to a pharmaceutical company. Police arrived at the scene and found two empty bottles of liquor and five glasses in the godown. It can be estimated that the first 5 or 4 times they drank alcohol on the spot and took their belongings.
CCTV footage was also knocked out
The owner of the warehouse was informed when people saw him in the morning. Agency owner Naz Kumar arrived at the spot and saw that the thieves had looted his godown and also stolen CCTV. He then reported the incident to Lalit Narayan Mishra police station. Saaj said there was so much luggage in the godown that the thieves must have taken 3 to 4 trucks to take it.
There was a warehouse of herbal items
Naz said he has a business stocking many things other than herbal products. On which the thieves had wiped their hands. According to Sajna, he was informed of the theft by locals at 10 am. They were told that their warehouse was empty. Currently, the police are surprised to see the deeds of the thieves. Police have been investigating since this morning but have not found anything.

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