• Peak over of Covid-19 in Delhi, 5760 new cases in last 24 hours
  • Seeing the speed of the Corona virus, the pressure to open the school began
  • Doctors and health experts give the green light, ball in government court
  • Education Minister Manish Sisodia said – 100% vaccination will help

New Delhi: Kovid-19 seems to be slowing down in the national capital. New cases have dropped to less than 6,000. On Monday, 5,760 new cases of corona were reported in Delhi. In such a scenario, most public health experts, pediatricians and even some parents feel that a school should be opened in Delhi now. In Maharashtra, where 40,000-45,000 cases were coming daily every week, schools are open. The Haryana government has also hinted at opening schools in phases. According to sources, the Delhi government has also considered opening the school but no decision has been taken. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, who oversees the education department, recently said that 100% vaccination of students would help the government shift from online to offline mode.

The Action Committee of the Association of Private Schools has written a letter to Sisodia regarding the reopening of schools in Delhi. It states that more than 60% of eligible students have been vaccinated.

Now that the cases are declining and most of the upper class students have been vaccinated, a proposal to reopen the school will be put before the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).

Manish Sisodia said in a statement on Saturday

‘Children at low risk of serious illness’
Epidemiologist and Public Policy Expert, Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya said that in the current wave, the infection is spreading among children and adults at almost the same rate. Despite this, the hospitalization rate is much lower in the 0-17 age group than in the elderly, he said. “The risk of serious disease is lower in healthy children and this has not changed with the introduction of new types,” he said.

The Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine (IAPSM), an association of leading health experts, has strongly advocated for the reopening of schools. IAPSM President Dr. Sunila Garg said that pre-school classes should also be started. He said, ‘The damage cannot be compensated. School dropouts are on the rise and child marriages are on the rise.

Civil society pressure is mounting on the government
Ashok Agarwal, a lawyer by profession and a public health activist, said it was wrong to keep the school closed. “The government does not want to make arrangements or take risks to ensure that educational activities continue following the Kovid protocol,” he said.

Agarwal said, “The parents of the children are going to work, coming back and infecting the children. Most kids get infected from going to play in the park, so there is no point in closing school. They should be opened especially when data is available that children are not more bothered by the virus. ‘

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