New Delhi: Heavy rains lashed the country’s capital and NCR early Wednesday morning. Due to this rain, the effect of cold may increase for a few days. It rained in many parts of Delhi and NCR around 5 am on Wednesday. Pictures and videos of flashing lightning and moderate rains from Mandi House and Feroz Shah Road have surfaced. The meteorological department gave a very accurate forecast of rain today.

The meteorological department said that Delhi, NCR and Haryana and Sonipat, Kharkhoda, Gurugram, Hisar and adjoining areas will receive moderate to heavy rainfall of 20 to 40 kmph. The sun has been making us feel warm for two days in the capital. Even on Tuesday the sun was not to be tolerated until noon, but around three o’clock the weather changed. Clouds were seen in some places and rain also fell in some places.

Temperatures can drop by up to four degrees
The meteorological department said it was likely to rain at night and there would be cloudy weather on Wednesday. The maximum temperature can drop by up to four degrees. At the same time, weather monitoring website Skymet Weather also said that light rain is expected in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh along with Delhi on Wednesday morning. Hurricanes will be heard in some parts of Uttar Pradesh.

The weather changed after drizzle on Tuesday
The maximum temperature on Tuesday was 26 degrees. It was three degrees higher than usual. By 9 a.m. the sun had become unbearable. By three o’clock the sun had forced people to take off their warm clothes. The minimum temperature was recorded at 11.5 degrees Celsius. It was two degrees higher than usual. After three o’clock in the afternoon there was drizzle in some places. Lodi Road received drizzle, Safdarjung drizzle and ridge 1.2 mm. Rains also lashed some places in Palam and West Delhi. Humidity level in the air is 45 to 95 percent

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