New Delhi: Once again, the number of recovered patients in Delhi is more than the number of new patients. While 3674 new patients were confirmed on Sunday, 6954 patients recovered. Due to which the number of active patients in Delhi is rapidly declining. Now the number of active coro patients in Delhi has come down to 21,490, from over 94,000 on January 13 during this wave. In these 17 days, the number of active cases in Delhi has decreased by 4.38 times, due to which the number of patients admitted to the hospital is declining and the number of patients with ICU and ventilator is also less than before.

3674 new patients were found
According to the Covid Bulletin released on Sunday, 57,686 samples were tested in the last 24 hours in Delhi and 6.37% of them tested positive. At the same time, 3674 new patients were confirmed, but 6954 patients recovered. At the same time, 30 patients died. Now the total number of Kovid patients in Delhi has increased to 18,27,489. At the same time, 17,80,172 patients have recovered so far. The virus has so far claimed the lives of 25,827 patients in Delhi. At present, the total infection rate in Delhi is 5.24 per cent, while the average mortality rate is 1.41 per cent.

The Delhi hospital has admitted 1567 patients
Out of the total active patients, 1567 patients are hospitalized, which is only 10.16 per cent of the total beds. Out of the total 15,428 reserve beds, 13,861 beds are vacant, or 89.84 per cent. Similarly, the Covid Care Center in Delhi has only 129 patients. At the same time, Kovid Health Center has 17 patients. Of the total 1567 patients admitted, 59 are suspected patients. Kovid has 1508 patients. 587 patients are in ICU and a total of 143 patients are on ventilator, out of which 590 patients are on oxygen.

143 patients are on ventilator
There are now 1203 patients in Delhi and 305 outside. As far as the ventilator is concerned, the number of patients on it is also decreasing now. As many as 162 patients were on ventilator in Delhi on January 25, which has now come down to 143. On the other hand, on January 25, 2149 patients were admitted and now it has come down to 1567, which shows that the case of corona in Delhi is improving rapidly.

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