• Decrease in daily corona case in Delhi, also reduction in positivity rate by 20%
  • In the next 2 to 3 weeks, the peak will start declining across the country, the expert said.
  • 7 day peak window in the capital, will know after 14 days, what will happen next?

New Delhi: Corona has reached its climax in Delhi. Experts also believe that the Omicron variant has led to a new epidemic in Delhi. Currently, the Corona trend in Delhi is coming down and it will be completely under control in the next one week, but it may take more time to get back to the previous position. At the same time, experts say peak levels across the country will begin to decline in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The peak was only between 13 and 15 January
Dr. Jugal Kishore, HOD, Department of Community Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, said that the epidemic of corona has passed. The peak was only between 13 and 15 January, with a record 28,867 cases reported on 13 January, the highest number of new patients ever recorded in a single day. On the second day, January 14, the season’s record infection rate was 30.64%. This was the time when Delhi was at its peak. Since then the fall trend has been seen at the top.

Corona infection graph flat
Maulana Azad Medical College Professor of Community Medicine Dr. Nandini Sharma said that Delhi has reached the top. But the transition graph is flat right now. People are getting infected, but hospital admissions are not increasing. It is also stable. He said the kind of trend that was there was that Sharp would go up and Sharp would come down in the same way. That is, the infection will spread quickly and at the same time it will decrease. It looks like this right now. However, it may take longer to reach this position before December.

Between 12 and 15 thousand patients come
Regarding the current situation, Dr. Jugal said that the number of new patients has come down to between 12,000 and 15,000. Although the tests have been reduced, increasing the number will not increase the number much, as most of these types have a mild effect, so people are not coming forward for the test and will not come forward. He said sanctions have caused shortages, but the web could be long. If this had not happened, this wave could have ended sooner. However, Dr Jugal says the tide will turn in Delhi in the next one week.

It will be clear in 14 days what will happen next?
Dr. Nandini said that the previous variant had a period of 14 days, so only after 28 days can it be said what will happen next. The peak window is for 7 days, in which one can estimate in 14 days what will happen next? In the study so far, it seems that the peak is not happening now. He also said that the vaccine is having a good effect. Vaccines are showing a mild effect of the virus in people. Due to the natural infection and immunity to vaccination in Delhi, this kind of effect may also be mild.

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