After the removal of the Odd-Even rule in Delhi and the lifting of the weekend curfew in Delhi, the crowds returned to the markets. On Saturday, about 50,000 shops were opened in Sadar Bazaar, Nawa Bazaar, Khari Baoli and surrounding areas and these markets were heavily crowded. However, at present buyers from NCR states are not coming to the market, so the crowd is a bit less than before. But crowds are expected to increase further from Monday.

Social distance is not followed anywhere

Markets are fully open, but social wholesale rules are not being followed in any wholesale market. The picture is of the moon square. Most shoppers and buyers were seen without masks. However, shopkeepers have arranged sanitizers at all the shops. Shoppers were seen falling on top of each other on the track. Due to such congestion in the wholesale markets, it is becoming difficult to follow the rules of social distance.

‘Street vendors are big problem’

Image: Sarojini Nagar Market

According to Hemant Gupta, trader of Oil Market located in Nawa Bazar and Secretary General of Board of Industry of India, there are about 50,000 shops including Sadar Bazar, Naya Bazar, Shraddhanand Market, Khari Baoli. All the shops are now fully open. In such a situation, the crowd of buyers has increased in the last two days. But, the main reason for the crowd is the street vendors. There are three or four people selling goods in the street shop, there are different buyers. In this case the crowd becomes more.

See the condition of the main market

According to Devraj Baweja, general secretary of the Sadar Bazar Merchants Association, the markets were not very crowded on the first day of the removal of the odd-even rules. But, the next day the crowd grew. It is the wedding season, so the market is full of people buying cosmetics.

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