Mohanlalganj: On Tuesday in Mohanlalganj, a 14-month-old innocent nephew was brutally kicked out of the house by his step-uncle and beaten to death in the gutter. Seeing this cruelty, the family members present inside the house came out hearing the screams of the neighbors. Masoom was taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Police have arrested the accused hiding inside the house.

In a house built on the side of the highway near Diamond Resort in Mohanlalganj city, Dr. Amit Verma lives on the second floor with his wife Sangeeta Verma and two sons Ayansh (14 months) and Shivansh (5 years) and younger brother Mohit. His stepmother Sampati Devi, brother Manish Verma and sister Pooja Verma live on the first floor. Dr. Amit said he was looking at patients in a room on the first floor of the house at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Manish, a half-brother who came home from the suburbs, went to his room on the second floor. He quietly picked up Masoom Ianesh, who was sleeping in the room, in his lap and killed him by hitting him on the stone on the gutter made outside the house. After this, leaving Masoom’s body covered in blood, he quietly went inside the house and hid in the room.

Neighbors were shocked to see his cruelty and started screaming. At the noise of neighbors, family members rushed out of the house and took Masoom by car to a private hospital in Lucknow for treatment, where doctors declared him dead. Neighbors, meanwhile, reported Masoom’s murder to the police control room. Inspector Akhilesh Kumar Mishra arrived at the spot with a police team. They arrested the accused Manish who was hiding inside the house. According to the inspector, a case of murder has been registered against the accused on the complaint of the victim’s father.

The entire cost of the accused’s education was borne
The stepbrother who was considered by Dr. Amit more than his real brother and left no stone unturned in teaching him has gone beyond cruelty. Seeing Masoom’s body, the tears of the victim’s family could not be stopped. Mother Sangeeta fainted several times. The eyes of the people in the area also got wet when they saw the crying corpse with their hands on the child’s chest. Dr. Amit said that he has done Manish D-Pharma. He was training, but after a few months his actions became strange. He also told the mother to take care of her actions. According to neighbors, after two or three months, his behavior changed dramatically. He started talking nonsense. He started taking smack.

Seeing the stepbrothers growing up, the accused were hostile!
After the postmortem, Masoom reached the house of Ayansh’s family. Father Amit and mother Sangeeta were shocked to see Masoom’s son’s body. At the same time, younger brother Mohit and stepmother Sampati Devi and sister Pooja were also in bad condition. Late in the evening, the family members conducted the funeral of Masoom’s body. Inspector Akhilesh Kumar Mishra said that the accused Manish was strictly interrogated. All he was saying was that I had killed my nephew. According to the inspector, the manner in which the accused was talking suggests that he is addicted to drugs. People were discussing that the accused was keeping animosity in his mind when he saw his half-brothers Amit and Mohit making progress.

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