Chandigarh: Discussions have started on who will be the Congress chief ministerial candidate in the Punjab Assembly elections. Meanwhile, the Punjab Congress has made an interesting tweet. There is talk of a strong partnership with the image of CM Charanjit Singh Channy and Navjot Singh Sidhu. With # 111NotOut, Congress mentioned the second inning of Channy and Sidhu’s partnership via a tweet. It is believed that the Congress is trying to send a message that there is no rift within the party over the CM’s face. It may be mentioned that Rahul Gandhi may announce the CM face of the Congress during a digital rally in Ludhiana on February 6.

‘Starting the second inning will blow away every problem in the park’
“The first innings slog over was fantastic,” the Punjab Congress official tweeted from the Twitter account. Now when the second innings begins, this strong partnership will blow every problem and issue of Punjab out of the park. This means that with this tweet, the Congress has tried to put a brake on the ongoing claim for the post of CM between Channy and Sidhu.

Photo with hashtag 111 Not Out
In the tweet, in a picture of Channy and Sidhu, Sidhu is putting his hand on the shoulder of Punjab CM Channy. At the same time, the picture below shows the partnership between two cricket batsmen and each other’s thumbs up. With this 111 noteouts have been written. Let it be known that Channy has got 111 days to work as CM. The Congress is also seeking public opinion through a phone call for a CM face in Punjab.

Congress takes opinion through tele poll
After Rahul Gandhi’s announcement last week that the Congress would soon announce its chief ministerial candidate based on the response from party workers. The party is soliciting feedback from the general public through tele-polls. Sources said the AICC has started calling voters on telephone to decide whether to choose Channy or Sidhu. A party leader said the Congress already had a mechanism which was also used to select the CM face in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

Press 1 for Channi, 2 for Sidhu
The Congress is thus following the path of the Aam Aadmi Party and taking the opinion of the voters for the name of the CM candidate. The question is being asked on the tele-pole, ‘Sat Shri Akal ji. I am calling on behalf of AICC, New Delhi. We are seeking your feedback on the selection of a candidate for the post of Chief Minister of Punjab. Press 1 after beep for Charanjit Singh Channi, press 2 for Navjot Singh Sidhu. If you think Congress should go without the face of the Chief Minister, press 3. ‘

Congress claims – they have a database of one crore people
Congress has a database of about one crore people in the state. The Shakti mobile app was used in the last election. It was widely used during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But that app is no longer in use and the party has adopted a multilateral strategy.

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