CBSE 10th and 12th Term 2 Exam (CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022) is expected to start from March and April. If Corona remains in control, the board may soon issue a Term 2 CBSE Date Sheet (CBSE Term 2 Exam Date Sheet). Examination Sample Papers (CBSE Sample Papers) have already been issued by the Board. If you want good marks in board exams, you should start preparing as early as possible. Keep in mind, the exam pattern is different for this term, so you have to change your study pattern accordingly. We have come up with the best study plans and tips to help you prepare for your exam.

There are many other things you need to keep in mind before you start preparing for the Term 2 exam. Subjective type questions will be asked in CBSE Term 2 exam. Students will have 2 hours for each subject in the exam. Students are going to take this type of exam for the first time, so they have to take special care.

How To Start Preparing For CBSE Term 2 Exam (CBSE Exam Preparation Tips)

Students who want to get good marks in CBSE Board Term 2 exams need to focus on study immediately. In standard 10, 40 marks questions will be asked in each subject. While in 12 subjects each subject will have 35 marks in practical subject and the remaining 40 marks. Students should plan preparation based on the curriculum. The study material in this exam is divided into two parts, covering MCQ and Theory part. When following a step-by-step approach in exam preparation, you can get good marks if some special tips are heeded.

Understand the course first

It is very important to understand the syllabus before starting exam preparation. First of all, you should take a look at the Term 2 syllabus by visiting the official website of CBSE, this will help you to understand the pattern of examination. Based on this, you will be helped to formulate your preparation strategy and plan.

Strictly follow the study routine

Routine planning is the most important thing in exam preparation. Strictly and honestly follow the study routine you have created for yourself. There are many students who make regular plans but do not follow through. This leaves the syllabus incomplete and increases the pressure of exam preparation at the end of the exam. They can’t even improve the curriculum. If you prepare a complete study plan from the beginning of term 2, the concepts will be easier to understand and the subject will have time to improve.

Prepare yourself with model papers

Solve model papers for exam practice. Doing this from time to time is like sharpening your preparation. This will help to better understand the concept. During the study, focus on statement and reason based questions. Many students leave it as boring. When this should not be done.

Make notes while studying

In the early stages of exam preparation, keep notes while studying. One can take the help of mind maps and mnemonics to enhance the understanding of the concept. The notes made during this time will be very useful for you during the repetition.

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Practice answering

Term 2 exams will have subjective type questions. So students need to increase their writing speed to complete the exam on time. You should start preparing for term 2 or start answering practice immediately. This will help you understand how to manage time and exam pressure.

Now it is better to study for yourself

If you have studied or prepared in coaching so far, it will be useful for you. But now is the time to complete your course on your own without any coaching or guidance. When improving the curriculum, focus on self-study. It is difficult to get good marks unless you prepare yourself.

Focus on improving the curriculum

Do not read any new subject at all during the last time of the exam. During the rest of that time, it’s best to revise the part of your curriculum that you’ve been perfecting. This will not stress you out and will prepare you properly.

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