Khurja’s crockery industry in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, is trying to recover from the losses incurred during the Corona period. The industry, which employs millions of locals, expects tax cuts from the general budget to be presented in Parliament on February 1. Crockery products are expected to become cheaper after the tax rate is reduced.

The Navbharat Times Online team reached Khurja on Monday during their election campaign. Rajeev Goyal, owner of Krishna Pottery here, said that Khurja’s crockery products are famous in the country and around the world for their handpainting. The industry trades millions every year. Goods are exported to countries like Brazil, Nepal and Australia. Khurja has hundreds of small and large factories that make crockery products.

Goyal said the factories employ millions of people. This includes locals, as well as laborers from other states like Bihar and Bengal. Goyal has his own crockery factory, which employs hundreds of workers. He said the industry was going through a very difficult phase at the time of Corona. In such a situation, the free ration scheme of the Yogi government of UP helped the patients of their factory who were stuck in lockdown here. This helped him a lot.

No financial assistance has been given to the factories by the state or central government. However, now the crockery industry has high expectations from the general budget to be presented in Parliament on Tuesday. Goyal said one of the problems in business is taxes. Our business is handpaints, so we want the government to reduce tax rates for our industry. At present our tax rate is 12%. We want it to be 5 percent. Goyal said the price of products would go down after tax rates were reduced.

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