Bseb Inter Exam 2022 Result: During Intermediate Examination in Bihar, due to error of Bihar School Examination Committee, a boy had to appear for the examination as a girl. Don’t be surprised, this news is 100% true.


  • Achievement of BSEB in Bihar Intermediate Examination
  • The girl made the boy Jehanabad
  • The boy taking the exam at the girls’ center
  • The Education Minister is not aware of this matter, the President does not pick up the phone.
Patna: In a bizarre incident, a boy is forced to attend a girls’ center thanks to the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB). According to the student, although she is a ‘boy’, she is shown as a girl in her admit card. Surprisingly, when he pointed out this mistake of BSEB in the center, the education department asked the examination center officials to allow Gulshan to write his paper there. Now the student has to sit for the exam among the girls and this makes him feel very strange as he is the only boy in this center.

BSEB turned the girl into a boy
Gulshan Kumar, a science student at Akil High School in Makhdumpur, Jehanabad, says he is uncomfortable being the only male examinee at the girls’ center. He told the media that the girls and observers looked at him in amazement. The boy, who is writing papers in Adarsh ​​Government Secondary School, is a resident of Umta in Jehanabad district and claims that he had filled everything in the examination form correctly. “My name, parents’ name, address and all the other information in the admit card except gender are correct,” Gulshan said. Gulshan alleges that all this happened through the fault of BSEB and he had to suffer as a result.

The center superintendent was also taken aback
Center superintendent Narendra Kumar was also surprised to see Gulshan in an examination center set up for girls only and he informed the state education department officials. “After getting permission from the department, we are allowing the student to sit for the exam,” he said. During the inspection, the DM and district education officers were also informed about Gulshan’s case.

The boy taking the exam at the girls’ center
According to sources, about 1,472 students from 10 different schools in the district are writing intermediate papers at the center. A total of 19 examination centers have been set up in the district for intermediate candidates, out of which nine are for girls only. District Education Office officials said that while filling up the form, the candidate may have mistakenly marked the woman instead of the man in the gender column. According to the officials, this error is due to the wrong gender being shown in the admit card. However, after the examination the candidate can contact the BSEB officials to correct the error.

The Education Minister is not aware of this matter, the President does not pick up the phone.
Bihar Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said he was not aware of the matter. “If there is any such complaint, we will see what to do,” he told the Times News Network. As far as the error in the admit card is concerned, the board gives the examinees many opportunities to correct it. Meanwhile, BSEB chairman Anand Kishor did not respond to a reporter’s call or SMS.

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