The Bihar Public Service Commission i.e. BPSC had recently announced the date of 67th Prelim Examination. This exam was earlier scheduled to be held in January 2022 but now this exam (BPSC 67th Joint Competitive Prelims Examination) is scheduled on 30th April 2022. This time BPSC has released 726 vacancies for all services out of which 228 posts are reserved for women and 498 posts are reserved for men. There was a significant increase in seats compared to 66 in the 67th exam, where 726 seats were vacated in the 67th exam while BPSC had vacated only 562 seats in the 66th exam.

With less than two months left for the 67th Prelim Examination, the students have completed their course. In such a situation, better repetition is needed and better tips are needed for better repetition. In the following tips (BPSC preparation tips) you will know how to do better revision for prelims in last two months.

BPSC Exam Preparation Tips: Prepare using these tips

Daily current affairs

The most important thing for the prelim exam is the daily repetition of current affairs. Students can use any magazine and improve current affairs. Current affairs is the most important part of the prelim exam and its repetition is more important than that. About 30-32 questions of current affairs are always asked by BPSC in prelims which is a very scoring part of the exam.

Double revision of standard books

Candidates read standard books like politics, history, science well in preparation but forget to revise it a few months before the exam. The result of prelim examination is not clear. In such a situation it is necessary to reconsider the standard books of all subjects a few months before the examination. All subjects are remembered through revision and confidence level also increases.

Give as many mock tests as possible

The mock test acts as an energy booster for the examinees before the exam. It prepares the candidate for the pressure of the examination hall and also works to correct the shortcomings. It is only during the mock test that the examinees know which subjects they are less prepared for and which areas need more attention. In this way, candidates can better prepare for those subjects. But at the same time it is important to note that one should not be overjoyed or disappointed by considering the score of the mock test as the final mark and should include it only as preparation.

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Just pre-preparation two months ago

Candidates often prepare for the prelim and main exams together so as not to miss the course and save time. But if the preparation of Main and Prelim is done together in the last two months, both the time and energy of the examinees will be wasted. In such a situation, candidates should stop preparing for the mains in the last two months and focus only on prelims.

Here are some tips to help candidates prepare for the prelims in the last two months.

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