• Illegal sand mining from Son river in Bhojpur is not stopping
  • Video of illegal sand mining in Badra’s Semra goes viral
  • A large number of people are seen loading sand into tractors
  • Video made while hiding in a field away from the fear of mafia

Jigsaw Sand mafias in Bihar seem to be out of control again. Especially in those areas of Bhojpur district where Son river flows. Sand extraction is started wherever possible. The biggest reason for this is that there is no shortage of buyers in a business without capital. Take risks and get rich, this business is under the watchful eye of mafias.

Illegal excavation of sand from gold in Badhra area
Illegal sand mining is taking place in Barhara police station area of ​​Bhojpur district. A video is rapidly going viral on social media. This video is from the banks of Son river in Semra village. Illegal mining is found in a large number of tractors loaded with sand. The video maker made it by hiding in a field away from the fear of the sand mafia. As soon as the video went viral, the hosh of the regional police, including the Department of Mines and Minerals, was blown away. However NBT does not confirm this viral video.

Speaking of other areas, the police had made a fuss
It is being said that illegal sand mining was carried out by the husband of the panchayat representative on Saturday. About 40 to 50 tractors were loaded with sand. The vehicles were taken away after the farmers forcibly destroyed the fields even though there was no road. Fearing for their lives, the farmers kept silent and watched the destruction of their crops. Jayant Prakash, an officer of Barhara police station, said that the populated area of ​​the village falls within the local police station area. The area along the Son River falls under the Koilwar police station.

Sand plunder from Koilwar to Badhra
The business of making more money by illegally mining sand in the Diara area of ​​Koilwar and Barhara is booming. Sand traders are making a lot of money in a business without capital. Which is causing huge loss in revenue. His morale is increasing day by day due to lack of strict action from the district and police administration. This is why people involved in this business are risking their lives. Two days ago, two people were killed in a two-way shootout over illegal sand mining at Rajapur Kamluchak sand dune.

Another shocking incident in Badhra
At the same time, a young man was killed in a road accident in the Badhra police station area. A young man was carrying oil from a petrol pump near Babura Bridge when he was crushed by an uncontrollable gas tanker. Protesters rallied after the incident. People were later evacuated following the arrival of a large number of police.

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