Jigsaw Educated people are trying their hand at many of these professions, which they are not expected to get into. Generally, students in IITs have resorted to selling tea to less educated people. He has opened a tea stall near the playground in Arah and named it IIT.

Arah: IIT students selling tea, plans to open 300 stalls
A running tea stall with IITian tea near the playground in the city of Arah has been attracting passersby. Randhir Kumar, a BSc first year student in data science at IIT Madras and T-stall opener, said this is his startup. Along with him four friends studying in various institutes of the country have started it to create employment. It includes the ideas of Ankit Kumar of Jagdishpur, a first year student of Kharagpur IIT, Imad Shamim of BHU and Sujan Kumar of NIT Surat. He said that soon they are going to open a tea stall on Boring Road in Patna. It is planned to open 300 tea stalls in the country by the end of the year.

Gaya: Vigilance for the security of Mahabodhi temple
Security agencies are on alert for the Mahabodhi temple. Domestic and foreign tourists have started arriving after the removal of Corona restrictions. The security of Bodh Gaya and Mahabodhi temples has been alerted. Police coverage has been increased. A team of Special Bomb Disposal Squad and Dog Squad arrived from Patna and inspected every part of the Mahabodhi Temple. Visited every step outside the temple premises, Kalachakra grounds, parking area. Suspicious locations were investigated. The commissioner and the IG held a high-level security meeting on Friday to discuss the security of the temple.

Nawada: Sarita Nursing Home Seal, owner arrested in crime
The illegally operating Sarita Nursing Home on Tilaiya Station Road in Hisua was sealed off. The team led by Medical Officer-in-Charge Dr. Sweety Kumari investigated and took action. In this regard, Dr. Sweety Kumari said the manager of the nursing home was accused of working illegally, the investigation revealed that the nursing home was operating illegally. Doctor Santosh Kumar, the manager of the nursing home, is accused of evicting the culprit. The culprit demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh from Sonsa Panchayat president’s husband Mohammad Taslim.

Sasaram: Metal blade of 151 year old incense clock found
The metal blade of a 151-year-old incense watch, known as the Pride of Dehri on Gold, was finally found after much effort by police. A man has been arrested on charges of buying the metal of a historic incense clock from sinful thieves for just Rs 2,000. The hands of the police are still empty in reaching the thieves. On February 8, thieves stole a cone-shaped incense clock blade from near the Irrigation Department office in Anikat area. After which there was a sensation in the area.

Motihari: Thieves took jewelery from the trunk of a bike
The terror of thieves continues in East Champaran. The incident took place at Pakdiyal Bazaar during the day. The thieves stole jewelery worth millions of rupees from the trunk of the bike. The whole incident was captured on CCTV. Thieves stole jewelery worth Rs 3.5 lakh daily from the bike of Lakshmi Jewelers shop owner. Vinod Kumar said that while opening the shop, he saw a lot of dirt. So he started cleaning, until the jewelry was stolen from the diggy.

Gaya: The CO in Wazirganj was accused of assault
CO Purushottam Kumar beat up a man inside the Wazirganj circle office as he asked about the denial of land. Arvind Singh, a resident of Singhia, said they have been patrolling the area for two and a half months for land acquisition. Asked about the related proceedings, CO Purushottam Kumar went to Tilmila. First the commander told me to get out of the chamber, then broke down to commit suicide. At the same time, CO Purushottam Kumar said that he was behaving rudely with the female revenue officers and other staff including me. He was just fired from the office.

Kaimur: PDS shopkeeper does not give rations, threatens to ask
Cardholders of Badwan Kalan village on Adhaura hill have not received ration for two months. An application has been filed against dealer Arvind Kumar Bharti by District Magistrate Navdeep Shukla. Consumers said dealer Arvind Kumar Bharti was not distributing regular rations. The December grant ration has not yet been distributed. When the dealers went to the shop to get the January ration, they refused to give the ration.

Aurangabad: Allegations of irregularities in rehabilitation
There have been allegations of irregularities in the reinstatement of teachers at Kara Madrasa Kadaria Vidyalaya in Obra block. Examiners protested against the committee and board members by locking them up. The exhibition was led by student leaders Mohammad Faizan Alam, Mohammad Javed Alam and Nehal Alam. Expressing outrage after the school was locked down, he said that gross malpractice had been committed by reinstating six teachers and a clerk in Kara Madrasa Kadaria Vidyalaya.

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