RJD is constantly being attacked after Lalu Prasad Yadav’s statement, he is lying.
Patna: After Lalu Yadav’s statement on both Nitish Kumar and the Prime Minister, RJD is now under attack. Lalu Prasad Yadav said that Nitish Kumar’s son is not competent in politics so he cannot understand racism. He also advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have one or two children. Since then, rhetoric has intensified in Bihar politics. Union Steel Minister RCP Singh has also jumped into the fray.

The RCP said racist politics is a threat to the country
He said racist politics is a threat to the country. He targeted socialist leader Shivanand Tiwari and RJD state president Jagdanand Singh without naming them, who supported racism, while reminding the late leader Raghuvansh Babu that the politics of racism is a threat to democracy. Union Steel Minister Ramchandra Prasad Singh said democracy was threatened by family parties. It weakens the very roots of democracy. The reputation of the workers in the parties is declining. As a result, even an 80-year-old worker has to do justice to a 22-year-old man. RCP Singh said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Nitish Kumar a real socialist, RCP Singh said that there was nothing wrong with that. Nitish Kumar has no political heir. Not only Bihar but the people of the country are well aware of this. RCP Singh was meeting his activists at his Patna residence.

Nitish Kumar’s birthday will be celebrated in a special way
He said that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has now set a record for the longest tenure as Chief Minister. Every year his birthday is celebrated by JDU activists. This year his birthday will be celebrated in a special way. This year he will visit every village, panchayat, town and block of Bihar for one year and tell about the work done by him in the interest of Bihar. He said that the personality of the Chief Minister is very wide. Now his personality and creativity will be conveyed to every household in Bihar.

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