Gopalganj: There is no scope for a reduction in criminal incidents. The elder brother shot the younger brother in a marriage dispute in Gopalganj. At that time, the Sikta market of Betiya was shaken by the explosion of bullets. At the same time, an angry party has leveled serious allegations against Madhubani’s DSP. Requested the SP to take action.

Brother shot dead in marriage dispute

An angry brother shot dead his own brother in Gopalganj. The case belongs to Bhainshi village of Manzagarh police station area. Here the younger brother had a second marriage with the mother of 3 children. An angry older brother shot him. The seriously injured man has been admitted to Sadar Hospital. From where, seeing his serious condition, the doctors referred him to Gorakhpur. The injured man’s name is Nagendra Yadav. He is a resident of Bhaisahi village of Mazagadh.

Firing at the Sikta market in Betiya
Betiya’s Sikta market was shaken by the explosion of bullets. Four criminals opened fire near a cosmetics shop. All four offenders were wearing helmets and masks. According to sources, a customer named Raju was found dead in the firing. Who were sent out for better treatment. Sikta police reached the spot on learning of the incident. But not much success.

Serious allegations against DSP in Madhubani
The Phulparas DSP of Madhubani is accused of arresting and releasing the main accused in a serious case on the basis of money. In fact, the case belongs to Siswar Panchayat of Khutau block. Where a few days ago there was a shootout between the two parties over a land dispute. The first party filed an FIR against the second party. Four days after the FIR, Khutuna police arrested the main accused. Information of the arrest was given to Fulparas DSP. The DSP then released the main accused, saying the incident was still under investigation. He was arrested by the police station without any order. The people of the first party have applied to the SP of Madhub and demanded action against the DSP.

Traumatic road accident in Jamui
These days Yamaraj runs the streets of Sikandra in Jamui. The latest case is that of Lahila Mor of Sikandra Sheikhpura Main Road. Two people were killed on the spot when two bikes collided head-on. The deceased has been identified as Ashfaq Ansari, a resident of Pathan Chowk under Jamui Town police station area and another Parmeshwar Mahto, a resident of Uksi in Karande police station area of ​​Sheikhpura district.

Demand for compensation in Muzaffarpur
NH 28 was blocked by locals at Siho in Sakra police station area of ​​Muzaffarpur. Relatives were demanding compensation for the body of a young man who crashed in Kanti. According to information received, Ranjit Manjhi, 28, of Siho died in a road accident at Kanti Road Sadatpur late on Tuesday evening. The body was handed over to relatives after the postmortem. But the road was blocked with demands for compensation.

Two videos of Madhepura go viral
Two videos of Purani from Udakishuganj subdivision of Madhepura went viral on social media. One video is of Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya, where a fierce brawl took place between the warden and the administrator to hoist the flag. The other video is of the block office, where the block chief pulled the flag rope so hard that the flag broke and fell on them.

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