Patna: Patna: After the panchayat elections in Bihar, the era of ‘revenge’ (change of panchayat elections) is now underway. One person has been shot dead in Naubatpur. Earlier his son was killed. In the same case, the husband of Barki Tangraila chief Dharmashila Devi is in jail. Ramdarshan Singh was also killed by climbing on the door. The family has accused the chief of killing Dharmashila.

Patna: Family members have accused the chief of murder
In Chotki Tangraila village of Naubatpur police station, criminals on a bike shot dead a farmer sitting outside his house. The criminals fired four shots at the farmer one after the other. He died on the spot. The deceased farmer has been identified as Ramdarshan Singh (67). Relative Saroj Kumar said that Ram Darshan Singh was sitting outside the house with his family. Then three people came on a bike. He was accompanied by Chief Dharmashila Devi and his son. At his request, the criminals on the bike shot and killed Ram Darshan Singh. He also said that Rupesh Kumar, son of late Ram Darshan Singh, was earlier killed by Pappu Kumar. Pappu Kumar is in jail in the same murder case. Currently, Pappu Kumar’s wife Dharmashila Devi, who is the head of Buddy Tangraila Panchayat, has been killed.

Chhapra: Attempted gang rape on Sagira in Sonpur
Four youths from the village tried to gangrape Sagira, who was returning from a wedding dinner in Kalyanpur, Sonpur. However, due to the screams of the girl and the people who came there, the four thugs could not succeed in their work. The four left the girl and fled. SHO Akil Ahmed said the girl was returning home after a late evening meal from a wedding ceremony in Kalyanpur. Such an act was then committed. A case has been registered against the accused under the Poxo Act in this case.

Araria: The body of a youth who had been missing for nine days was found
The body of 18-year-old Pintu Kumar, a resident of Khamkaul Pottery in Majuana under Forbesganj police station area, was found in a suspicious condition. Workers found water hyacinths under the bridge near the house and bodies under the water. The family members were then informed. After which the Forbesganj police station was informed. SDPO Rampukar Singh, SHO Nirmal Kumar Yadav arrived with the police force. Birbal Mandal, father of the deceased Pintu Mandal, said he had been missing from home since the night of February 12. A written application was lodged at the police station after a heavy search.

Bhojpur: ASP reached the police station with the victim
ASP Himanshu has made a show-cause to the in-charge of the police station for not registering the case of the victim at the Mahila police station. The ASP also issued several instructions to improve the functioning of the women’s police station. The victim is a resident of Sarfad village in Gajrajganj OP area. Pinky Devi has accused her husband and father-in-law, including Jethani, of assault. “My husband Jyotish Kumar works as a TTE at Indore Junction in Madhya Pradesh,” she said. His affair with Devrani is going on. Which I oppose. My husband, my father-in-law and my wife called and complained about this. The in-laws beat me. I went to Gajrajganj OP and Mahila Thana many times about this. But I was not listened to.

Rohtas: Uniform drinking video has gone viral
A video of a man in a police uniform drinking alcohol has gone viral in Rohtas district. The video is being reported to Dehri police station. But currently NBT is not confirming it online. Bihar has a complete ban on alcohol. At the same time, fingers are constantly being pointed at the government in this regard.

Aurangabad: Sitting in a Scorpio and planning a crime
Madanpur police arrested 6 criminals for planning the crime and handed them over to jail. He was arrested near Pastor Mor. A pistol, several mobiles and a Scorpio were also seized. The arrested persons include Piyush Kumar of Jehanabad, Akhilesh Yadav of Guyana, Shadab Alam, Sanjay Kumar, Akhilesh Singh and Sunil Yadav.

At the same time a tragic incident took place in Aurangabad. Just hours before the wedding procession, the groom’s mother died in a road accident. Just before the procession arrived, the bride’s brother-in-law was electrocuted. Despite this, the wedding was somehow performed in a temple without a bandwagon. The incident took place at Mastalichak in Obra police station area and Doman Bigha village in Madanpur police station area.

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