• Nine patients died of corona in Bihar on Saturday
  • On Saturday, 3003 new positive cases were reported
  • The number of active patients in Bihar has reached 19,578
  • Health expert advice- Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits to boost immunity

Patna: The number of new corona patients in Bihar has been steadily declining over the last few days. On Saturday, 3,003 new positive cases were reported in the state. However, stress has been exacerbated by the deaths of 9 infected people in the last 24 hours. This is because Corona’s cases are declining but the death toll is alarming. Currently, the number of active patients in Bihar (Bihar coronavirus latest update) has increased to 19,578. Meanwhile, health experts recommend eating seasonal vegetables and fruits to boost the immune system, keeping in mind the risk of colds and corona. Along with this many other instructions are also given.

The number of active patients reached 19578, recovery rate 96.07 percent
Patna has the highest number of 544 new cases reported in the medical bulletin issued by the state health department on Saturday regarding corona. New patients have also appeared in other districts including 103 in Banka, 194 in Begusarai, 148 in Madhepura and 129 in Muzaffarpur. 1,51,121 samples were tested during the last 24 hours. The recovery rate in the state is increasing after the number of people recovering compared to the number of new patients. The recovery rate on Saturday was 96.07 percent.

Health experts advise to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits to boost the immune system
At the same time, amidst the dangers of extreme cold and Covid-19, most people are concerned about how to boost their immune system and prevent infection. According to health experts, a drop in temperature can lead to fever and viral infections, which directly affect the immune system. Therefore, a person’s immune system must be strong to prevent any infection. A balanced diet is essential for this. Nutritious food and nutrition is something that can help achieve a good immune system.

Find out what NMCH doctor Satish Kumar said
Dr. Nalanda Medical College and Hospital Medical Department. Satish Kumar said that people should consume enough seasonal fruits and vegetables to boost their immunity. Fruits like oranges, lemons, guavas and kiwis are good sources of vitamin C, they help in the development of white blood cells which help the body to fight infections during winter. He added that seasonal fruits and vegetables which contain vitamins E, A and C should be taken regularly.
What did the doctor say about boosting the children’s immune system?
According to pediatrician Dr. Arun Shah, there is no need to take vitamin and mineral pills unnecessarily to boost the immune system. He emphasized on eating a balanced diet to strengthen the immune system. Dr. Shah lamented that according to the National Health Survey, 40 per cent of our children under the age of 5 are malnourished because they do not get a balanced diet due to poverty and ignorance. He said that the current epidemic has seriously affected the economic condition of a large section of the population. Therefore, children should be given cheap and easily available food to boost their immune system.

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