Bhopal: A video of Bhopal BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya (Bhopal MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur) has gone viral on social media. Viral Bhopal Traffic Committee meeting was held. The MP was accompanied by Bhopal Collector (Bhopal Collector Avinash Lavania) and other officials. The MP, meanwhile, termed several graves on VIP Road as encroachments. Meanwhile, Collector Avinash Lavania cut off his point (Bhopal Collector and MP Verbal Spot) and said that these graves have been present here for years. Meanwhile, the MPs got a little hot.

Now a video of the conversation between the two has gone viral on social media. The MP said that the roof has been made by placing four pillars on VIP Road inside the big lake. On this road people have made pathways and platforms green. At the same time, the MP said that such construction should take place in the lake where we drink water. The MP tells the collector that if people wear green clothes and put on sheets, what does it mean that people do not walk?

The MP asked the collector if there was any such place at the time when the road was constructed. Was not. In this regard, Collector Avinash Lavania says that it was like this, after this the eye-opening MP says whether or not. It was built later. The collector says again that has been here for years. With this the MP says how do you talk.

After this, Collector Avinash Lavania explains to him in detail and says that all these things have been around for years. The collector said that the VIP road was to be widened and that is what happened. On this, the MP says that this is an insult to religious sentiments. The tomb in Kaliasot is frequently built and broken, the MP said. Get it checked out.

Notably, MP Sadhvi Pragya remains in the headlines due to such statements. A few days ago, he grabbed a mosque built on the Central School campus. There was also a demand for action in this regard. He also mentioned the problem of morning prayers.

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