New Delhi: If you are constantly receiving video calls from an unknown number on your mobile phone, beware. This can be an alarm bell, which can be rung by a sextortionist. A similar incident happened to a person living in Hazrat Nizamuddin area. Who received more than 15 consecutive video calls from two unknown numbers. He picked up the phone, thinking no one would need his help. It was there that he fell into the clutches of sex thugs.

Forced to make continuous video calls
After receiving the complaint, Hazrat Nizamuddin police station registered a case on Friday. According to the registered case, Ranjit Singh (name has been changed) lives with his family in Nizamuddin East. He told police that on January 24, his mobile phone rang for the first time in a video call from an unknown number. He did not pick up the call as it was an unknown number. This was followed by a video call from another number. He didn’t even like it. This way he received more than 15 consecutive video calls from two numbers. He thought no one needed it, so the next time the bell rang he picked up the call. But on the other hand no one’s face was visible and no one was speaking. He hung up. But after a while, he found out that after tampering with his photos, a photo of his video chat with a girl without clothes has been posted on his Facebook account.

Demanded money again
This information was also given by his cousin who lives in Canada, to whom he said that all this is a trick of thugs, he has not talked to any girl like this. It looks like the video call he had, the sextorners took a photo of him at the same time. But no one called after that. They thought the case was over. But on January 26, his phone rang. In which a ransom of 10 thousand rupees was demanded from him. Said that if you do not pay, you will post such photos and videos on the Internet, which will bring you into disrepute. Frightened, he transferred Rs 10,000 from the account. The next day, January 27, another Rs 12,000 was demanded. He finished it too. Money was then demanded from them again. He became very upset. He later lodged a complaint with the police. Where Hazrat Nizamuddin police station has taken action to arrest the accused.

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