Betul: A sudden plume of smoke from the Danapur Express coach in MP’s Betul on Wednesday morning caused panic among the passengers. The fire was contained by stopping the train. Half an hour later the train was dispatched, RPF (Danapur Secunderabad Express in Betul) is investigating the incident. Passengers breathed a sigh of relief as the fire was brought under control. It is learned that smoke started emanating from the electric board in the general bogie of D1 coach of train number 12791 going from Danapur to Secunderabad before Betul railway station.

The passengers were frightened by the smoke and were horrified. As time went on the passengers pulled the chain and stopped the train. As soon as the train stopped, the passengers started jumping through the door with their luggage and some passengers even started coming out of the emergency window. Passengers were very scared to see the smoke. The incident was reported to the Nagpur Divisional Office and from there to the Betul RPF. RPF GRP and railway officials rushed to the spot as soon as the information was received.

A fire brigade team was then called. The fire was brought under control with the help of fire extinguishers in the coach. Officials investigating the incident say the smoke came out at first sight as it sparkled in the electric board. No passengers were injured in the incident.

The train stopped at Betul station for half an hour
At the same time, the train was stopped for half an hour at Betul station and then dispatched. The fire was brought under control after a struggle of about half an hour. Passengers traveling in the train said that a fire broke out in the general bogie of the train, which saw the passengers pull the chain and immediately stopped the train. Railway officials also rushed to the spot.

RPF TI Kunj Bihari Singh said that information was received from the Nagpur office that smoke was coming out of the coach of Danapur Express. The train was stopped by pulling the chain outside Betul station. A fire brigade team was called. A short circuit in the board above the center gate of the General Coach caused sparking and smoke. No casualties were reported. Half an hour later the train left for Secunderabad.

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