• Mercury depletion can affect the brain
  • The risk of brain hemorrhage is increasing with the cold
  • Colds are fatal for heart patients, doctors say

Gurgaon: Some part of the body is getting crooked. If the ability to see, hear or understand is affected, do not take it lightly, consult a doctor immediately in this case. The falling mercury these days is having a direct effect on the mind. According to doctors, in such cases, avoid pouring cold water directly on the head. Cases of brain stroke or brain vein rupture are reaching hospitals. Doctors at the government hospital said that 4 to 5 patients with this type of problem are coming every week. According to doctors, if a brain stroke is treated in time, life can be saved.

Obese people are at increased risk
According to Dr. Naveen Kumar, Senior Physician, Civil Hospital, there is usually a significant increase in the incidence of brain stroke in winter as compared to summer. In winter, high blood pressure, diabetes, obese people and heart patients have an increased risk of brain hemorrhage. People ignore the initial symptom. By the time they arrive for treatment it is too late.

There are two types of brain stroke
Senior Consultant Neurosurgery Dr. Anurag said that the blood thickens in the cold, which causes the clots to form quickly. Blood pressure rises sharply in winter compared to summer. There are two types of brain stroke. The first is ischemic and the second is hemorrhagic. Patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress and depression are both at higher risk.

This is how brain hemorrhage occurs
The brain has 2 parts. The right hand controls the left side of the body and the left hand controls the right side. In this case, if the stroke is on the right side, then the left side is paralyzed. If the stroke is on the left side, its symptoms are on the right side.

Pour water on the feet first
Many people bathe in winter by pouring water directly on the head. It is quite dangerous. If possible, take a warm bath. Instead of body, pour water on the legs first and then on the head.

These are the symptoms

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fainting due to excessive bleeding in the brain
  • Numbness occurs in any part of the body
  • Ants running on the body or feeling weak
  • Difficulty and confusion in speaking or understanding
  • Inability to see clearly
  • Headache, vomiting and nausea

Protect this way

  • Keep drinking warm water, the body should not be dehydrated.
  • If you are taking BP and sugar medicine do not stop it
  • Use less salt
  • Avoid cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol
  • Avoid walking barefoot on grass or ground in the cold

Even under threat

  • Patients with diabetes are 3 times more likely to have a stroke
  • People over the age of 55
  • Those who take contraceptive hormones
  • Cigarette and alcohol abuser
  • Patient with anemia or migraine
  • Patients with high blood pressure
  • Thick and lazy people

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