Akash Kumar, Aurangabad: The father’s vehicle stopped before the daughter’s dolly woke up. Dawood Nagar police station sub-inspector Virendra Paswan died while undergoing treatment in Patna. He was attacked during a January 27 raid. He suffered serious head injuries. The accused was killed by throwing a stone from the terrace while rescuing him.

The SI of Daudnagar was killed
Daudnagar police station sub-inspector Virendra Paswan had determined the daughter’s relationship with Mota Armaan. The procession of the daughter was to arrive at Sondihara village of Shivsagar police station in Rohtas district on February 16. But Honey didn’t approve, and the father’s body stood up before he left his daughter’s dolly. Preparations for the wedding and the procession were left at home. Weeds spread from the house to the police department.

Virendra Paswan was injured in the attack
On January 27, Sub-Inspector Virendra Paswan went to Shamshernagar to nab the accused in the Nanu Bigha Reti Ghat robbery and Munshi murder case. He also arrested the accused, but during his return, the accused’s supporters suddenly attacked the police team. The accused was released from police custody. Sub-inspector Virendra Paswan was injured in the attack. He was taken to a private hospital in Daudnagar for treatment, from where doctors referred him to Paras Hospital in Patna for better treatment. He died on Sunday afternoon while undergoing treatment in Patna.

Weeds spread in the wedding house
As soon as the news of the death of the sub-inspector was received, the wave of mourning in the Daudnagar police department turned again. The scuffle broke out at the Daudnagar police station. News of the death reached the sub-inspector’s village. Virendra Paswan decided to have an affair with his daughter. Preparations for the wedding were going on at home. He was going to take his daughter’s wedding leave and go home. Tilak was to leave on February 9 and the procession was to arrive on February 16. But before the daughter’s doll woke up, the father’s chest rose. An accident occurred. Now there is mourning.

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