• The villagers campaigned to save the 120-year-old banyan tree
  • The builders want to make cuts to establish the settlement, the villagers unite
  • The emotional attachment of the villagers to the tree. Worship here at festivals

Rajesh Poddar, Khampur: Residents of Khampur village in Outer Delhi have launched a campaign to save the 120-year-old Vadna tree. Khampur village under Narela assembly constituency is about 500 years old, with a sparse population and dense greenery.

The villagers allege that some land mafia is trying to cut down this very old tree. They also tried to cut down the tree several times in secret, but due to the vigilance of the villagers, they did not succeed. The villagers have now reached out to the NGT in addition to all the administrative offices including SDM, DM in the campaign to save this tree. Indeed, the population of Khampur village is only 1500-2000 people. It is alleged that many illegal settlements are now being cut down around the village, one of which is being cut down at the back of the Radha Krishna temple.

Grameen Ishwar Singh said work was underway to build a settlement near the village, which was being prepared with the help of some builders. When the settlement work started here, the villagers asked not to cut down this historic tree, as this tree is associated with nature as well as their faith. The tree was then guaranteed not to be cut down, but now the tree has begun to appear in the middle of the colony’s road. In such a situation we steal this tree, which we villagers oppose. Grameen Krishna Kumar Gaur has been planting trees in the area for a long time, on the other hand some people are trying to cut down this tree.

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